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1) Do you provide family rooms and if so for how many people?

We provide family rooms for 4 persons - either 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. We also have triple rooms for parents and 1 child or 3 adults. Children over the age of 12 years old are considered adults.

2) What is the maximum number of persons per room?

4 persons

3) Do you permit babies in your rooms?

Yes we do permit babies but you must book the baby as a person when booking. All rooms include a certain number of persons. Please bring a plastic to protect the bed from being soiled by the baby. We do not permit prams here as there is no space to leave the pram in the passage. All passages must be kept clear in the case of a fire. This is part of the Health and Safety Act.

4) Can children stay in their own room?

No they must be in the room with at least one adult. Children are aged from 0 to 12 years old.

5) Can we leave baggage in the guesthouse after we have moved out?

No you need to pay for late check out or pay for an extra night.

6) Can we leave baggage with reception before our check in time?

No. You need to pay for early arrival charge.

7) Is there 24 hrs manned reception?

No staff are here from 9am to 8pm as this guesthouse has only 9 rooms. It is not cost effective to be open 24 hrs for 9 rooms.

8) Do I have to book early or late arrival charge when booking online or can I pay for this at check in?

No you must book and pay for this online via the booking engine or there will be no staff present for your check in.

9) Do you allow pets to stay here?


10) Do you have pets at the guesthouse that live there?


11) Is it true that shoes are not permitted in the rooms?

Yes we have a porch or cloakroom where you can keep your shoes when you enter the guesthouse. We promote hygiene by keeping dirty shoes or boots in the porch or cloakrooms. We do not permit shoes inside passageways and rooms in the guesthouse. You will be provided with guesthouse slippers to use during your stay here or you can use your own slippers.

12) Don't you feel it is rude to ask guests to take off their shoes when they enter the guesthouse?

No because this is a large house really: guest house. We like to promote hygiene at all times inside the guesthouse

13) How do you maintain security at the guesthouse?

We have 24 hours recording CCTV outside and inside the guesthouse in all public areas.

14) What do you mean by self catering rooms?

All rooms have a small kitchenette in them: mini fridge, microwave, grill/oven, toaster, kettle for tea/coffee. Some rooms have a multi cooker and wash basin but this is specified in the room description on the booking engine. All rooms do not have a wash basin. Some rooms are ensuite and some rooms have shared bathrooms. Please see the room description when booking the room and the photos of the room.

15) Do you give a refund if we decide not to take the room before arrival date?

This is at the discretion of the manager. If the reason for cancellation is justified then refunds are given via paypal and they can take up to 10 working days to process. It depends on customers bank and how long they take to process the refund.

16) When do I get my 100 key deposit refunded?

You get that on the day you move out provided the room has been left in a good state and keys have been returned before moving out. Checkout is strictly 10am unless late check out charge has been paid.

17) Do guests have to leave at 10am or can I leave before 10am or the night before?

You can leave anytime before 10am either the night before or before 10am in the morning of departure but all guests must follow the self check out procedure. This is explained to all guests at check in.

18) What is the self check out procedure?

Leave all towels hanging on the door, lock the room door, sign the check out book and leave comments if you wish and leave the keys in a locked reception keybox.

19) Can I get a receipt after I have moved out if I have lost mine?

No. All receipts are provided by email to the card holder and we delete these from our computer once guests have moved out. We keep hard copies for our file but these are filed away once guests have moved out.  We ask all guests to print copies when they have paid for the booking or we can give a copy at check in.

20) If I sign up for the newsletter can I get 5 back from my booking?

Yes you can if you have signed up before paying for your room. If you sign up after paying you can use the 5 discount for your next booking. Please sign up now to avoid losing this 5 discount.

21) When do I get the 5 discount if I signed up before paying for the room?

You will get this after you have moved out to your paypal account.

22) Do cleaners come in and clean my room daily?

Cleaners will normally enter your room daily to tidy your room.

23) Do you provide breakfast?

Unless stated otherwise we do not provide breakfast as we provide self catering rooms. From time to time we do offer breakfast at an extra cost but this will be shown on the booking engine if we offer it.

24) You have stated on some sites that you offer rooms from 19. Is that true?

We provide rooms from 19 per night from time to time. Rooms are normally very cheap in the winter time as we are not busy at that time of the year. Our busy season is the summer time when prices are highest.

25) Will I get cheaper rate if I book in advance for my room?

Yes it is cheaper for you if you book your room early. This means booking a few months in advance. Last minute bookings are usually not available or more expensive.

26) Are you cheaper than hotels?

We are much cheaper than hotels that charge 100 per night for ensuite double room for 2 persons. We normally charge half that rate.

27) Do you have a flat where I can stay with my family?

Yes we have one loft studio flat available to book for 4 persons.

28) Do you have rooms for 5 persons?

No. You will need to book 2 rooms if there are 5 persons.

29) What is a double room?

This is a room with one double bed in it for 2 persons.

30) What is a twin room?

This is a room with 2 single beds for 2 persons.

31) What is a triple room?

Our triple rooms have one double bed and one single bed in it. 2 people will need to share one bed and one person will have their own bed. You can use this room as a twin room as it has 2 separate beds in it.

32) Can my visitors stay free of charge?

No you will need to book your visitor in a room or with you in advance and it will cost extra. It is best that you decide before check in how many people will be staying in your room.

33) Do you lock the doors at night time?

Yes for security reasons we lock the main front door from 1am to 5am. Noone is allowed in or out at this time to keep the guesthouse quiet so people can sleep peacefully.

34) If I am working or coming late can I arrange to come during 1am to 5am?

Yes but you will need to book that before 8pm by email or speak to the staff when you are here from 9am to 8pm.

35) If I turn up at 2am will anyone open the door?

No. The staff will not be here to open the door for you and this will disturb sleeping guests if you do this. You may be asked to leave if you cause a disturbance at night time and lose all your monies.

36) What time are my visitors allowed in the guesthouse?

Between 9am to 8pm when staff are present. After 8pm and before 9am, the staff are monitoring the CCTV for all incomings and outgoings. The CCTV is also recording 24 hours.

37) Can I put my tv on at ngiht time?

We ask you to keep your tvs low after 10pm or switched off to allow other guests to sleep at night time. Children and babies also stay here so you must consider everyone staying here.

38) Can I smoke in the guesthouse?

No. You can smoke outside at the side of the guesthouse. We ask you not to smoke on the driveway. You are welcome to sit beside the grass next to the guesthouse.

39) Can I chat on my mobile phone in the guesthouse driveway?

No. There are ground floor rooms where guests are staying and some of the guests do night shifts and sleep in the day time or guests may be sleeping late and it can be very annoying for someone to be on a mobile phone outside their room window.

40) Can I have a party in the guesthouse?


41) Can I have a hen party or engagement party or prepare for my wedding at the guesthouse?

Yes. Only in the daytime 9am to 8pm in the guesthouse room.

42) Can I walk around half naked in the passage ways?

No. Please keep yourselves wrapped up as children and other persons may find this offensive. Of course you can wear towels when coming out of the bathrooms after having a shower.

43) Can I leave food in the room when I go out?

Yes but you must keep it in the fridge or in sealed containers. Please do not leave breadcrumbs or any food lying around as this causes vermin to come here. Dustbins must also be kept empty during your stay here so please take the plastic bag out of it daily when you go out. We have provided all rooms with plastic bag holders for you to use the plastic bags in them.

44) What should I do if the fire alarm goes off?

Make your way to the fire exit doors. All windows are fire exit windows. Most of the windows lead to a conservatory roof or a porch roof making the exit easy.

45) Should I lock my door when I go out for the day?

Yes always. You should also ensure all windows are closed when you go out. This includes the bathroom windows especially when you have an ensuite room.

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